When You See This “Big Girl” Walking


Anyone who sees me walking at 424 pounds may not realize why walking is so important to me. I am working through severely damaged lungs from two bouts with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and Covid-19 but that has not stopped me.

When you see me, I hope you see a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL BANNER OF HOPE. I walk with an illuminated message from my family to the world.

When you see me walking, know that I am carrying my family on my back, literally, and yours too. When you see me walking, know that my body hurts as I am making this transformation, but the mission is too important to stop; the mission is too important to turn back.

When you see me walking, know that I am carrying the memory of my mother riding around in her wheelchair, helping her community heal from the pain of homicide. When you see me walking, I am using exercise to erase the gory image of my brother in his hospital bed disfigured by the physical deterioration from his bullet wound. I walk with him in mind.

When you see me walking, know that I am carrying my network of friends that grow day by day that call me, contact me on Facebook and other social media about a child murdered, a parent murdered, a sibling murdered, and I repeat this trauma everyday step by step because the murders just keep adding up.

When you see me walking, know that I want the world to see me, hear me. Hear what I hear whenever I am in Denver and Aurora. I hear my brother’s dead body lying in those mountains, saying, “please find who did this to me.”

When you see me walking, know that I envision walking past my brother’s killer one day and having the opportunity to tell him that his date with justice was inevitable. It is the will of God.

Now you know why I walk. And I’m on a mission to reach my 1,661 miles mark and beyond that until I sit in a courtroom with the persons responsible for altering the course of my brother’s future and just leaving him for dead. I carry this but not alone because I have so much support, and I thank you all for it.

I am the “BIG GIRL WITH A BOLD MESSAGE” JOIN ME, SUPPORT ME, ENCOURAGE ME, and cheer me on. I walk with passion, courage, and conviction. This isn’t just about my family; but every family devastated by homicide. I carry a message of remembrance, healing, and dignity. I don’t look like your typical person that would be leading a walk, but don’t let my size fool you. My courage is ten times that of my stature. I am honored and humbled by the support I have received thus far. I can’t wait to see those miles go up and pounds dwindle and know that I have done it with your support, and God has laid this path for me. I may not get there the fastest, but I am committed to finishing STRONG! Isaiah 40:31 says, “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.”

Big Girl “Get That Fit In” Partnerships Makes Even Bigger Impact!

Cynbad4Real partnered with Marine Corps veteran Daryl Williams of (W.E.T.) Williams Elite Training. She speaks highly of the top-notch professionalism of Mr. Williams and his commitment to her fitness. Moreover, the W.E.T. program prioritized her safe and healthy growth into being fitter. Cynbad4Real has endless compliments of the program and has tremendous respect for the process, saying, “What he does is more than a fitness training regimen or workout program. Daryl has created his own unique wellness culture where there is encouragement among the other participants as much as from him. There is love; there is support, there is a community.”

Daryl Williams also forged a bond with Cynbad4Real over some heart-to-heart moments. Laughter, support through demanding workouts, and even shed some tears through the loss of her mother, who passed away due to complications from a heart attack.

The two will forever be W.E.T. family. Cynbad4Real notes she has leaned on her faith in Jesus Christ as the source of her health and strength, and her faith walk is more important than her physical work.

Cynbad4Real chose the Williams Elite Training program because of Daryl’s background of service to his country and commitment to health as well as community. He truly cares about his clients. Daryl helped build accountability into the process and ensure Cynthia tracked her mileage and milestones. The goals are in sight, and the partnership has helped build a support system around her as she is setting in fitness and her approach to being an advocate within the broader community.